Carnival Season

It’s carnival season around of my favorites for watching my kids just be kids and enjoy some screen free fun time, it’s also my favorite for people watching, and don’t forget the funnel cake.😋 🎡

The one thing I don’t like is how much it all adds up in price..parking, vendors, a ride here, a ride there, games and then of course the drinks and food. 🍕🍦🍿🥤

This year..we just picked one of the three carnivals we usually go to. I also avoided the $10 parking by finding a spot on the street for free. We ate before we left the house and brought our own water.

My best move was convincing my kids the games weren’t as much fun as the rides. Since they only care about the prizes anyway, I told them we would go to Dollar Tree after, and they could pick out any item in the store. They didn’t even ask to play any games, and we even saw another kid asking his parents to play and Caleb told him that “the games were a rip off because they were just trying to take his money to get rich” 😂

We did splurge on the $20 all you can ride wristbands for each kid, and a $5 funnel cake to share, so with my Dollar Tree promise, I was all in for $47. I was proud of this, because we usually spend at least double, if not triple this during carnival season, and we end up with meltdowns about “one more game”, and end up with a bunch of crap toys or stuffed animals we don’t need also. 🧸

To be honest, the spending less part was great, but we had more fun this year with one carnival and without all the extras. Getting used to a more simple minimalist lifestyle gives us a chance to really enjoy the best things in life that have always been free..the memories. 💕

Stuffed animals run this motha

I swear it started with one innocent stuffed animal..then another somehow found it’s way into the house. Then..they started multiplying. I don’t recall going to 334 carnivals or claw machines and actually winning from them, or having that many grandparents gifting them.

Seriously..look at that smug face on the octopus..just livin his best life as king of the massive stuffed animal collection.

Is this only a thing at my house? And why is it so hard to part with any? My kids have a back story and emotional attachment to every furry little shit in there. Yet they haven’t touched, talked to, or slept with them in their bed for 3 years. 🤔

I allow 5 stuffed animals in each bed. How many total animals do you have running your house? Any tips to destash and keep them out of my house in the future? Anyone want to guess my grand total for a prize? (prize may be a stuffed animal)