Coffee that you won’t spend a latte on (get

What better timing than a 4:30 a.m. wake up for an early flight for coffee talk?? I am NOT a pleasant person without my coffee (and then I’m only slightly pleasant). But I’ve found a few ways to cut back on coffee costs while still getting the caffeine I desperately need.

1. Buy a used coffee maker for home..or better yet, find a friend giving one away. I got my $100 Keurig used for $20 and it’s still going years later. Nobody else in my house drinks coffee, so the Keurig makes the most sense for me.

2. Drink the free coffee at the office. Don’t go into an office every day? Go run some errands and I bet you will find free coffee..getting your oil changed, the bank, going to the dentist, whatevs. Other people like coffee and would rather you drink it then deal with you uncaffeinated, so take advantage!

3. Use those single serve Kcups more than once. You read that right..I make two cups with one Kcup (don’t worry..I love Mother Earth and get the eco pods). Even if you use the reusable Kcups..just try making a second cup with one batch of grounds. I only make coffee at home on the weekends, so my cups go a long way.

4. Become a grown up and omit the sugary goodness that is creamer. I’m not there yet, but I get a container for weekend coffee and it lasts for ages..thanks preservatives! You could also try something like almond milk or milk instead that you already buy.

5. Find a coffee buddy! I have one at work and she’s the best. We have a Starbucks within five minutes of the office, so we walk over once every few weeks. We have similar taste in lattes and get to try new ones together (right now we are crushing on the caramel cloud macchiato). We get a grande and split it, so it ends up being super affordable and half the calories. Bonus..we get our steps in and get to catch up.

6. Take advantage of freebies or gifts. I’m fortunate to work for a company that gives healthy rewards for things like getting 10k steps in a day. One of those rewards is gift cards and I usually choose Starbucks. I also love a local coffee shop and got a gift card for Christmas from my husband, and my work crew got me one for my birthday. I’ve got free lattes for days!!!!

7. This one is NOT currently an option for me, for everyone’s sake, but have you ever tried quitting coffee all together?! It’s an extreme way to save, but there are people who roam this earth without each day (I’m married to one).

To all my coffee lovers out there..what are your coffee faves on the cheap?!

Author: mindytempleton7371

Tales of my imperfect journey towards financial freedom. Paid off $165,000 in debt and now working on building wealth instead! Follow me as I share all things on money, retirement, real estate investing, minimalism, and wealth and wellness. Sharing why you should believe in your wealth and invest in your wealth..because you are worth it!

4 thoughts on “Coffee that you won’t spend a latte on (get”

  1. I am probably in the minority when it comes to my favorite of a simple black coffee ☕️ I use my ibotta account to help fuel my addiction – I always cash out for a Starbucks card when I can. I also discovered an adorable local coffee shop downtown BGKY this week which seemed to be half the cost of Starbucks and another great reason to #shoplocal 😊


    1. my local coffee shop! And no I’m not there on the black coffee..hoping to reach that level some day 💁‍♀️ what’s Ibotta?


  2. For coffee creamer, I’ve been using Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk Creamer UNSWEETENED Original. It has no added sugar, but still tastes good. The almonds give it a naturally sweet flavor.


    1. I love almond milk in my vegan protein shakes..but for some reason don’t like the taste of almond or coconut creamer in my coffee. I wish I did!


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