The Most Epic Birthday Ever

Yes I just got a year older but no this post is not about me. While I did have a pretty epic birthday and a lot of amazing presents and time with my really got me thinking. πŸ€” You see, my birthday kicks off the rest of my family’s birthdays and also a plethora of invites from the kids friends. We are officially in “birthday season”.

Trying to live my best life as a frugal minimalist becomes difficult. I LOVE giving presents and also LOVE me a good party and I’m kind of fond of planning for my kids. My parties are usually the “I’m just going to keep it low key this year but this just means I will panic last minute and buy literally everything they sell at Party City and then my kid and his friends gets extra because I feel guilty for not getting more in the first place”. And then all sorts of other things go into my buying decisions, such as the fact that Caleb is turning five this month and then he’s moving out and forgetting all about me the month after. 😭 So I want to make it memorable, and things can escalate rather quickly when you throw some totally irrational feelings into the cart with you at Party City. πŸŽ‰ 🎈This year he wants to take a few friends to the trampoline park and back to our place for pizza and to show off his IPad games. 🀣

So I’m looking for an open (and hater free) discussion on birthdays or parties. Surprisingly I don’t really have any memories of parties or gifts growing up, so wondering if that will be my kids one day. Will they even know the blood, sweat and tears that goes into blowing up dollar store balloons laced with poison ☠️ because mommy couldn’t spend the extra πŸ’΅ for the poison free ones? Will they remember that $50 toy that they have already forgotten about by the next day after the sugar rush wears off?

Curious..what is the MOST epic party you remember or have thrown? I also have recently seen a lot of articles on goody bags..are you pro candy and crappy toys in a cute container or could do without? What is appropriate to spend on gifts? Also looking for the other end of the spectrum and for the most memorable or epic free or frugal birthday party ideas.

Author: mindytempleton7371

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2 thoughts on “The Most Epic Birthday Ever”

  1. I remember a few epic parties growing up and they were epic because they weren’t what happened every year. I remember getting the ONE toy I had begged for FOREVER (insert overdramatic tone of a 7 year old) at one of my childhood parties. There were other parties that don’t stick out in my head as much but i remember a sense of friendship and playing. Being raised by a single mother, i knew and appreciated the money and effort that went into those parties. I may not remember every party being like the one i got my Kid Sister or got to wear that white dress that made me feel like a princess but i remember the effort and the feelings.
    The point being, cultivate an experience and don’t worry about how many balloons or items are in your goody bag. Beside, you know me i would go without the cheap imported plastic toys any day and would absolutely prefer just a swing at the park or blowing bubbles with those i care about…something simple. Now for the disclaimer: I’m old and i have no children so take that for what it’s worth 😁


    1. I love it and feel exactly the same way!!! And I bet you did look like a princess in your white dress. πŸ˜‰ I wish I had your memory! I even watched some old videos I found of a bday party and memories of it. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


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