Stuffed animals run this motha

I swear it started with one innocent stuffed animal..then another somehow found it’s way into the house. Then..they started multiplying. I don’t recall going to 334 carnivals or claw machines and actually winning from them, or having that many grandparents gifting them.

Seriously..look at that smug face on the octopus..just livin his best life as king of the massive stuffed animal collection.

Is this only a thing at my house? And why is it so hard to part with any? My kids have a back story and emotional attachment to every furry little shit in there. Yet they haven’t touched, talked to, or slept with them in their bed for 3 years. 🤔

I allow 5 stuffed animals in each bed. How many total animals do you have running your house? Any tips to destash and keep them out of my house in the future? Anyone want to guess my grand total for a prize? (prize may be a stuffed animal)

Author: mindytempleton7371

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2 thoughts on “Stuffed animals run this motha”

  1. We are in the process of rehoming our wild zoo of furry friends. We had watched a news story about a family who lost all of their toys. Since then, we have been using that as a way to help the boys give them to others. With our big, we ask- do you think another kiddo would love to have this? And he has been really into giving up items. We are currently at 10 stuffed animals a child. (Hero class for your 5 limit! 😊)


    1. I love using the story to help others and that will probably be the best way to get them out of here (and score for helping others). Kylie has a stuffed penguin that she got at an emergency room visit, so I know I can remind her we can help pass along to other kids just like her. Great idea 😉


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