Check Yo Self

Wake up wake up wake’s the first of the get up get up get your checks and get up (in just a few days anyways). I feel like it’s a good time to chickety check yo self before you wreck yo self.

I know that January wreaked havoc on my finances with a new furnace, car repair, and a sweet little Frenchie puppy “making us” take her in. 😬🐶

But January was more good towards my goals than anything..started a blog, started reading a great financial freedom book, listened to several podcasts about real estate investing, finally did our living trust, only ate out twice, avoided Target, still honoring my No Spend Year, and paid another good chunk towards our student loan debt. Wow..I DID all of that in the last 30 days?! I didn’t talk about or think about it..I DID IT.

How was your January? Did you keep track of your spending? Do you have any amazing accomplishments to celebrate or defeats to shake off? What goals do you have going into February? I have sticky notes on my fridge to remind me of my next goals. How do you hold yourself accountable?

Author: mindytempleton7371

Tales of my imperfect journey towards financial freedom. Paid off $165,000 in debt and now working on building wealth instead! Follow me as I share all things on money, retirement, real estate investing, minimalism, and wealth and wellness. Sharing why you should believe in your wealth and invest in your wealth..because you are worth it!

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