My Makeup is FREE

Does anyone else have memories sitting cross legged on the floor in front of a mirror, and putting on layers and layers of makeup that were 3 shades off from your actual skin color?  Your friends would all lie right to your face and tell you how good you looked? (thanks friends)  Maybe your makeup game has stepped up a bit from the teen years, when most of us started wearing makeup on the daily.  With your new routine, maybe you now get the higher quality stuff, and that quality helps to justify the higher price tag from the cheap Wet N Wild stuff we started out with.

Well, I guess you are wondering why I am claiming to have free makeup.  Turns out, my new favorite makeup is water.  You read that right…high quality H2O.  So I guess if you want to get technical, I actually pay a monthly water bill.  But for the sake of this post, let’s not ruin the fun and get technical.  What I have decided is to start drinking more water in hopes that it makes my skin more hydrated and radiant looking.  I’ve never really been a fan of makeup, so it hasn’t been that big of an adjustment TBH.  It’s only been 2 weeks, but I have already noticed my face is softer and I have had a lot less breakouts.  I really stumbled across this idea as I was trying to deal with flaky, dry skin, and thought a makeup “detox” would help, which it did.  I have also not had one single person come up to me and be like “girl…where’s your makeup?  Your face is looking ratchet today.”  To be clear, I wouldn’t care if they did either. 

I honestly don’t see a difference between my makeup free face and the one that I spent 15 minutes prepping…can you?  Full Disclosure:  Matt isn’t wearing makeup in either picture. 

I am literally shooketh about this post and had to share with all you lovely folks what I found out. Does anyone want to take a guess at what the average woman spends on makeup…and how much time they spend applying each day? Go ahead…go google it now, or I can spare you the troubles. The average woman spends roughly $8 a day and 20 minutes a day applying. This adds up to around $200,000 in your lifetime and a gazillion hours of your time. That’s more than double what the average person has saved for retirement, so maybe I just helped you plan for your own retirement…you’re welcome. Holy Moly!!! That’s a lot of cash and time!!

Slow down over there…Nobody’s telling you that you have to be a crazy person like me and go all extreme (unless you want to, then all the crazies are welcome).  I found it to be an interesting topic, and just wanted to give you another thing to think about when considering how you are spending your time and money  😉

Author: mindytempleton7371

Tales of my imperfect journey towards financial freedom. Paid off $165,000 in debt and now working on building wealth instead! Follow me as I share all things on money, retirement, real estate investing, minimalism, and wealth and wellness. Sharing why you should believe in your wealth and invest in your wealth..because you are worth it!

3 thoughts on “My Makeup is FREE”

  1. You look great without make up on and I agree about how drinking lots of water keeps your skin hydrated because I’ve seen a friend drink around two liters everyday and her skin looked supple even without make up. As for me, I don’t have the confidence to go make-up free just yet =)


    1. Thank you for the kind comments! My skin definitely has it’s good days and bad, along with my confidence. 😉 you should try baby only wearing blush, mascara and lipstick or something similar? I’m also giving up dying my hair, so a little nervous about how I will look with greys growing in and all my natural wrinkles showing. I bet I will look wise beyond my years. 👵

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      1. Yes, I think I would definitely take baby steps, like teeny weeny steps lol. My hair is all-natural right now though because I already gave up on rebonding treatments that are costly and damaging to hair and I always forget to dye it so I have greys for all to see. =)

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