Closet chaos challenge update

I ended up taking my closet from 350ish items down to 115 and have had it cleared out for 10 days now. Of course I couldn’t part with any of the clutter I got out just yet..had to make sure I’m totally on board with this minimalism stuff. 🤷‍♀️

I have to say that I cleared out an entire section of my closet, and was expecting to feel my heart rip out of my chest for removing these items. I also thought my closet was going to be empty, lonely, sad, depressed and scared. Turns out it had the opposite effect on me. My heart is just fine, and I’m now looking in there and thinking I still have way more than I need. What the what?!

I have also noticed it’s way easier to find something to wear. I haven’t once said to Matt “I literally have nothing to wear”, which used to be kind of a staple statement in our marriage, where I tried on all these clothes that I usually don’t wear in an attempt to make use of all the stuff. Then he rolls his eyes and I make a comment about how I need to go shopping, to which he rolls his eyes again.

Now I just have my faves. My faves consist of a lot of basics that I can actually do a lot more things with less things. Everything is meant to go with everything. I even freed several items that were trapped behind other clothes. They may have been lost forever if I didn’t declutter my closet, and it was like a free shopping trip in my own closet.

I think I can easily cut my 115 items down to 75ish, but taking baby steps. If you haven’t seen a capsule wardrobe, GTS (google that s$&@). People doing this are living with around 30ish items. 😳

If you haven’t tried the closet chaos challenge, please look back at my other 2 posts and give it a try or pass it on to a friend that could use a more basic life.

Author: mindytempleton7371

Tales of my imperfect journey towards financial freedom. Paid off $165,000 in debt and now working on building wealth instead! Follow me as I share all things on money, retirement, real estate investing, minimalism, and wealth and wellness. Sharing why you should believe in your wealth and invest in your wealth..because you are worth it!

4 thoughts on “Closet chaos challenge update”

  1. Love it! I did this a few years ago. The funny thing is that I got rid of 3 large trash bags full of clothes and didn’t ever notice. My wife thought I was crazy at the time, but I have never once wished I had them back. Most people end up wearing the same clothes anyway. I hope those clothes worked out great for someone else, because I didn’t need them I guess. 😉


    1. I love to hear that I’m not the only one with a spouse that thinks I’m crazy 😜I agree that most people (including me) where the same stuff. Curious if your big purge experience now makes you think any differently about buying new stuff?


      1. For sure it does. I only buy things I really like. Also, I buy better quality now than I used to. I also buy clothing items that are more classic items and less “trendy” stuff. And one trick I use on myself is that I went out and bought nicer hangers….the really thick, good ones, that way they don’t break. The trick is that if I buy a new piece of clothing, I have to take another one out. If there’s not a hanger available, then I have to get rid of something. But in real life when I buy a new piece, I tend to take 2-4 pieces out because I’ll notice that I haven’t worn that shirt or jacket in over a year. You really don’t need that many items. No one notices that I used to have 300 pieces of clothing and now I have less than 100, of which I probably wear the same 50 items over and over….because I like them the best.


      2. Thank you for sharing! I am new so hoping I can make the long term changes like you have done. I love that you mention nobody knows how many pieces of clothes you have now. I always say..people aren’t going to remember the nice coach purse and designer clothes I have on when I die..they are going to remember if I was a good person to them and others 🤷‍♀️


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